Fila Kids Sneaker Comfort Breeze 2 for Girl Gray / Pink

Original price was: 34,99 €.Η τρέχουσα τιμή είναι: 19,99 €.

Modern, durable and comfortable, with proper breathability, the Fila Comfort Happy shoe is an ideal choice for our little friends. In a wonderful combination of colors for unique looks.


In addition to its impressive design, it has tiny holes for better breathability on the sides and tongue. It has two Velcro fasteners (stickers) and a heel on the side of the heel to make it easy to wear. Cute detail is its logo on the side. It is made of synthetic leather (polyurethane) a light and durable material. It has an expanded, outsole, embossed rubber sole for better traction on the ground, great resistance to daily play and children’s sports and protection from slipping.


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