Fila Sneakers Kids Running Memory Campilio Navy / Red

Original price was: 32,99 €.Η τρέχουσα τιμή είναι: 20,99 €.

Elegant, stylish and very popular choice, the shoe of the series “Memory Campilio Velcro” will fascinate young and old. It is a running shoe, therefore specially designed to use “Memory” technology to absorb vibrations and run long distances with the amazing “phylon” midsole.

  • The soft intermediate foam offers anti-vibration protection at every step.
    It has a Velcro clasp and a heel on the side of the heel to make it easy to wear.
    Durable non-slip rubber outsole.
    Synthetic upper material for greater protection and durability.
    Soft anti-vibration protection around the ankle and on the tongue for a comfortable feeling.






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