Kids Sports Fila Memory Dennis 7AF81326-823

Original price was: 29,99 €.Η τρέχουσα τιμή είναι: 20,99 €.

A wonderful, classic choice with modern details, the sports shoe of the “Classic Tennis” series is an excellent piece, for boys and girls, who are involved in tennis or gymnastics in general.

It is a speed shoe, so it offers excellent foot support. Due to the “Memory” technology with foam in the midsole, it has a pushing force and absorbs vibrations. It is easy to wear and suitable not only for home or school but also for evening out with the family. The shoe has tiny holes for good ventilation of the foot and a Velcro clasp so that it is easy to wear. The composition of the shoe surface helps to be light, while the rubber outsole has great durability and offers protection from slipping, in the daily play of children.








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